The Event Marketing Formula consists of all the Templates, Checklists, Strategies, and Formulas that GUARANTEE that you will fill your events!


Phase One - The Opportunity Phase
What are your event marketing opportunities?  What are you missing?

Some Business Owners, Authors, Speakers or Coaches think that all it takes to successfully market an event is to book a venue then advertise it on their websites and social media pages.  Even some marketing experts can find it extremely difficult to fill a room.  The reason is that marketing an event requires specific skills that differ from product or service marketing.  In this section you will get the following:
  • Templates and Checklists To Help You Find Your Ideal Audience Members.
  •  Information On How To Evaluate Your Event Marketing Tools
  • ROI and Missed Marketing Opportunities
  • And more!
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Phase Two - The Attraction Phase
AKA The Pre-Launch Stage

Building trust is an enourmous part of getting people to your event.  Content marketing is one of the most important things you can do to build that trust and create success.  Content marketing can be delivered in a variety of formats.  The most effective ones for filling an event are; videos, blogs, lead magnets, and informative social posts.  This section will give you all of the tools and strategies to:
  • Create The Content That Will Generate Buzz
  • Fulfill staffing and volunteer requirements to build lead magnets, videos, blogs and other content.
  •  How to create Joint Venture and Affiliate Partnerships
  • And More!
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Phase Three - The Launch Phase
How will you educate your audience & keep top of mind?

Time to drip out your information to the world and let them know about your awesome event!  This section includes:
  • Posting schedules and content for social media
  • How to create email campaigns that get butts in seats
  • Tweaking and adjusting your content based on solid metrics
  • And More!
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Phase Four - Call To Action & Follow-Up
Monetize your event by 40% - 60%

In this section you will be given the templates and information to make sure that you do NOT leave any money on the table.  In this section you will:
  •  Proven templates to the follow up strategy that gets maximum results
  •  Social media follow up strategies
  • Follow up strategies for monetizing "No Shows."
  • And More!
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Ongoing Support and Tools
Need addition event marketing support?

  • Get access to the montly Q & A Webinars
  • Have access to the private affiliate and joint venture groups where you can gain new partners and affiliates for your events.
  • Monthly access to our vendor resources guide.  Find venue, suppliers and ideas for your events.
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